Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

download film "Erotic Ghost Siren"

Yaguchi (Junichi Kawamoto) and his gang successfully rob a bank and escape with a van full of money to an abandoned goldmine in the middle of nowhere. There they'll have to lay low for a few days until they get contacted by friends who can smuggle them to safety.

But when they first pick up some food a girl (Sora Aoi) accidentally sees the contents of the van, upon which the gang decides to abduct and kill her.
Not immediately of course: she's a cutie and it's going to be a long wait, so the gangsters want to have some fun with their unusually calm prisoner. Starting with a poker game to decide who gets to rape her first.

Little do they know that she may be a mythical she-ogre attracted by greed, and when the first dead victim is found the distrustful gangsters turn on each other rather than suspect their sultry catch...
Director : Satoshi Torao
Writer : Ken'ichi Takashima
Release Date : 22 October 2004 (Japan)
Genre : Horror, Drama
Cast : Sora Aoi, Kazuyoshi Ozawa, Hideaki Mizuki

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